Company profile

Greek Brands was established in Athens, Greece in 1999 and exports worldwide selected cheeses from Greece. Our success is based on the high quality of our products and our commitment to serve our clients needs and demands. We export Feta, Kasseri, Graviera and other Greece cheeses. Our products have excellent quality and are produced in Greece under the highest safety procedures (ISO, HACCP, IFS, BRC). We have a broad range of partners in more than 10 countries worldwide, including Canada, Australia, USA, Spain, U.K, South Africa, Germany, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Rep and Malta.

Why Us

4 reasons to do business with us

 ·  We are passionate about cheese
 ·  We are a valuable team player
 ·  We guarantee competitive prices
 ·  We offer continuous support

Our values

 ·  Trust in the Greek Products
 ·  Strength of the Greek Market
 ·  Respect of the Greek Food Heritage
 ·  Promote the brand name of Greece

Our vision for the future

The need for Feta and other Greek cheese is significant. Our goal is to fulfill this need worldwide assuring quality and profits for our company and our clients.